Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Love Me Some Leggings

I love wearing leggings, especially on the weekends. They're comfortable, easy to wear and can be very flattering with the appropriate piece. Note the word appropriate. As much as I love leggings, there is one obvious rule that I will not break, and that is to wear something with leggings that will always cover my butt. Leggings are not the same as pants, ladies! A lot of leggings out on the market can be very revealing! That's why I tend to be picky when shopping for leggings. I won't just buy them from anywhere, and I happen to feel that it's OK to splurge (a little) when buying leggings. You know you'll wear them a ton anyway, so why not spend a little extra on quality leggings?? I've linked a couple of my favorite leggings below! See you Friday!

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Leggings: Ann Taylor Loft (second link)
Sweater: Forever 21, similar here 
T-Shirt: Target
Boots: Ecco
Purse: Philip Lim for Target (sold out) 


  1. these photos are lovely! and the outfit is cozy perfection!
    xo Jessica
    stop by if ya get a chance!


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