Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas List For the Men

Buying for guys can be the easiest or the hardest task for Christmas! Either they tell you exactly what they want/need, so it's super easy, or they don't tell you anything and you're completely stuck. To help all of my fellow girls out, I've given you a couple stylish Christmas gift ideas that I've gathered from the men in my life! Some are more expensive than others, but you can find some more affordable options just by Googling (there are so many smoking slippers out in stores now, so you're bound to find a few alternatives... I just prefer the pair from Brooks Brothers). I've put all the links in the pictures for easy shopping. Enjoy! 

PS: If you're stuck inside by this ice storm Iowa is experiencing, stay safe! I'm staying inside all day and enjoying family :)

Slim Rustic Merino Elbow Patch Half-Zip Sweater - $118.00

I've tried to get the men in my life to wear cardigans with elbow patches for the last year, but none will bite. Instead, I'm loving these elbow-patch pullovers because they feel like a sweatshirt and are casual enough for him but are stylish enough to wear out and about. 

Merona Men's Messenger Bag - $16.00 ON SALE!

ON SALE ON SALE ON SALE. Great for the college guy who doesn't want to carry around his books and laptop in a backpack. 

Original Penguin Pocket Square - $24.00

Pocket squares are stylish and fun because there are so many different styles out in stores, so you can really find one that will work with any guy's style. I love this one because it's festive for the Christmas season. 

Brooks Brothers Velvet Smoking Slipper - $248

Smoking slippers are my over-the-top gift this year, simply because your guy will probably only wear them inside or with a suit for nice occasions. He probably won't wear them all the time, but they add some serious class and style to an outfit. 

Personalized Cuff links - $23.99

My parents have given these as gifts for years and they are SO GREAT for graduation, birthdays, holidays, etc. All guys will need cuff links for their suits, but this adds a personalized touch to your gift. I've never seen a guy not like this gift, and they are surprisingly reasonable in price. 

Have a great weekend! See you Monday!

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