Thursday, June 12, 2014

Light Blue...

 Top: J.Crew Factory | Pants: Calvin Klein, similar here | Belt: J.Crew Factory | Pumps: J.Crew Factory, similar here and here | Purse: Target | Sunnies: House of Harlow, $5 version hereEarrings: Vince Camuto, similar here (only $4!!) | Bracelet: old, similar here | Lips: YSL Rouge Volupte #7 | Nails: Essie - Forever Yummy

You know when you buy something thinking it will be different when you get it in the mail??? Well that's kind of the story with this blouse. As you all can probably tell, I have a slight obsession with J.Crew Factory. When I bought this blouse, I didn't hesitate with my size thinking I knew what to get, but when the blouse came in the mail, it was totally different than what I was expecting. I guess I thought this shirt would be more like the material of a chambray?? Anyways, I think I bought it one size too big, but I'm embracing the over sized look to it. I haven't seen many silky over-sized popovers out in stores, but I actually like that this shirt isn't in the least bit fitted. Cheers to making the best of it...and being too lazy to return it :) 
Have a great day!

PS: I've had a lot of questions about this purse and where I got it. Although its from Target and at a great price point ($22!), the metal clasp broke after only a couple uses!  


  1. I've been eyeing that shirt! I feel like J. Crew Factory always runs a little big. But you're embracing the oversized look well - it looks great! :)

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

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