Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sorority Recruitment..

Welcome Round: Blue Silk Shorts | Pink Silk Top

Preference Round: Maxi Dress | Pumps  

I may be graduated from college, but my heart still aches a little that sorority recruitment will be going on this week and I'm not there! To cure my nostalgia, I decided to do a style guide for all the college women going through recruitment this month. All women have their own style and will incorporate personal touches to their outfits, however I have some tips for how to survive sorority recruitment, whether you're a Potential New Member or a senior. 

Welcome round is your one and only chance to make a lasting first impression! My suggestion is to wear a bright shade with silk shorts to stay cool and upbeat during the long day(s). 
Welcome Back round is also another long day! Depending on your school, it could take up an entire day, so it's important to wear something that is easy to wear and also showcases your personality. I love a long-sleeve romper with cute flats - it's effortless and also different than the typical sundress and heels. Plus you'll be more comfortable in sandals!
Quick tip: this day always seems to be super hot, but remember you'll be going into freezing cold chapters! I suggest wearing sleeves or bringing a denim jacket/cardigan if you get cold easily!
Sisterhood Round is when you really start to fall in love with chapters, and the conversations you have always have a little more depth! Leave a lasting impression with a full midi skirt and a fun clutch. The outfit will be classy and chic, as well as playful with the full skirt. 
Preference Round is definitely the most emotional round, but what many PNMs don't realize is that they will be doing a lot of eating. I suggest going for a comfortable and colorful maxi dress that's flowy, but stray away from solid colors - many sorority girls will be wearing solid colors this day, so stand out with a print! 
Good luck to all the PNMs out there and the many sorority girls preparing for recruitment! I promise it's a worthwhile experience that is life changing! Go Theta, Go Hawks! 

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