Thursday, February 10, 2022

Documenting My Pregnancy

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We're so excited to welcome Baby BOY Johnson literally any day now! I had planned to document my pregnancy by each trimester, however we're already at the end of my pregnancy and time apparently got away from me! Nate and I have been pretty busy setting up the nursery, taking classes and preparing for parenthood, so one binge-like post will have to suffice! 

Also, I understand there may be some people reading that are currently trying to conceive and this may be a difficult subject for you. I want you to know that I'm praying for you. 

Nate and I found out in early summer we were expecting, and we were obviously elated and very emotional. Life totally changed at that very moment! 

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Health-wise, I started feeling off around 6 weeks. The nausea hit like a ton of bricks! It wasn't just morning sickness but all day, can't eat or sleep nausea. Also, it was right in the middle of summer and avoiding barbecues and gatherings where it was obvious I didn't feel good (or wasn't partaking in summer beverages!) was tough! Luckily, Unisom and vitamin B6 helped tremendously. I think the worst part has been the headaches... I'm already predisposed to getting them, however pregnancy has really enhanced the discomfort. Once I hit 12 weeks, all of my symptoms magically seemed more manageable! 

Second trimester I finally had some energy back! I felt like my old self in a way, but still had some hard days here and there. Telling friends and family was a treat! We didn't do a gender reveal and didn't have any "big" way to tell people, we just told people when we saw them or via Facetime/text! Many people knew by around 14ish weeks, but then we realized I was 20 weeks and hadn't made an announcement on social media, and I was starting to show! So we quickly took a picture :)

Now that I'm well into my third trimester, we've really hit the ground running on planning the nursery, taking classes and prepping for baby! Would you like to see a nursery post? I loved decorating his room and selecting a theme. I think it's something he can grow into, although if it's not his "thing" we're happy to change it! Dressing in the third trimester has been... interesting. I'm lucky to be a winter pregnancy because large, comfy sweaters and dresses have been my jam! I ended up purchasing three of these dresses because they're so comfortable and easy to wear with heels at the office or sneakers on the weekends. I actually have been wearing these sneakers every day with this dress because heels are totally out of the question at this point in pregnancy! The dress isn't maternity, however I sized up one size and I've been able to wear it throughout the third trimester!

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Baby has been pretty active throughout the third trimester. I haven't been too uncomfortable yet, unless he starts tap dancing on my bladder. That's a little uncomfortable :) Nate and I joke that since he's been pretty active with kicks and jabs, there's no way this kid will be shy! Active with lots of personality - he takes after his dad!

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The biggest realization so far during pregnancy has been the appreciation for other moms, including my own mom, grandmothers, sister, friends, etc. This may sound obvious, but the minute you find out you're expecting the motherly instinct kicks in. All of the sudden, I'm drinking more water than I care to drink and saying no to my beloved Diet Coke. I'm resting more (and I already sleep a lot!), saving more, *attempting* to worry less all because I think it's important for my baby. Mothering starts well before birth, and I have such a bigger appreciation now that I'm a mother for other mothers (and fathers, too!). 

Speaking of fathers, Nate has already been such a rockstar dad. He's been my strength through everything, but I've leaned on him more during pregnancy. There have been days lately where I have not felt like myself or just felt a little crazy due to the pregnancy hormones (totally normal!), and he's been my steady hand and voice of reason through it all. I can't wait to see him thrive as a new dad and I know this journey will only continue to bring us closer together!

I think that's a good stopping point. I haven't written one of these posts in so long, I've forgotten how to end them! We're just so excited for baby Johnson to join us, and I hope to update you on products I'm liking and other motherhood content upon his arrival.

Thanks for reading! :)


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