Monday, January 13, 2014

Better (Black) Basics

All black doesn't have to be dreary! Try finding basic pieces that have a slight....edge to them. These faux-leather leggings from Mint LA Boutique are easy to pair with casual and dressy pieces! I actually wore these leggings on NYE with a silk blouse and it totally dressed up my look (outfit to come on the blog). Adding dressy pieces like pointed flats, faux-leather leggings or even bright lipstick to an outfit can make a simple look turn unique and chic!

How was everyone's weekend? I visited my boyfriend Joe and his family in the Iowa Falls area. I had a quick dose of reality when driving over here; I encountered an ice storm on my way! Cars on the highway were going only 35mph and eventually my car started sliding around. Long story short, I had to park my car at a friend's house while Joe drove over in his truck to come get me! Learned my lesson on that one...

Joe and I are going to the ISU vs. KU basketball game in Ames tonight.. who's going?? Hoping for a big W against the Jayhawks! 

Thanks for reading! See you Wednesday.

Vest: The North Face
T-Shirt: J.Crew
Faux Leather Leggings: Mint LA Boutique, not online, purchased at W. Des Moines location
Flats: Ann Taylor, not online, similar here 
Earrings: Vince Camuto, not online, similar here 
Lips: Stila "Fiore"


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