Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Ok so let me tell you a funny story about this beautiful blue coat of mine. This fall I went shopping with a friend at J. Crew Factory and fell head-over-heels in love with this coat. I needed a new pea coat that was longer (I only had a short one), it was a stand-out color that I loved, AND it was on major clearance. Impossible to pass up, right??? I texted my mom and sister, Emily, a picture of the coat asking what they thought, but unfortunately my phone died soon after, so I didn't see their responses in time. I ended up buying the coat that day and taking it home. As soon as I plugged in my phone, I found almost 50 text messages waiting from my sister.....turns out, she too had bought THE SAME COAT in the same beautiful blue color earlier that morning! I ended up calling her right away and we both started hysterically laughing.... we've both grown up but we still wear matching outfits! 

Anyways, I'm starting to embrace neons and bright colors! I have always struggled with wearing colors, however my blue coat and lime green sweater pair quite nicely together, and I'm not having that hard of a time finding more things for my coat and sweater to go with either. Also, my mom got both my sister and I these fun houndstooth infinity scarves for Christmas (see....still matching all the time!), and it's soooo warm and HUGE! Nothing like a warm and soft scarf on a very chilly day!

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Thanks for reading! See you Friday...

Coat: J.Crew Factory, no longer available, similar here 
Sweater: J.Crew
Scarf: Dornink
Jeans: BCBGeneration, similar here 
Purse: Aldo, similar here  
Lipstick: MAC Devine Choice 


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