Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women Under $50

Even though they're small in size, stocking stuffers leave such a big impact. What I love about stockings is that you can fill them with gifts ranging in price from 50 cents to expensive jewelry!

My mom has this tradition where she puts together personalized stockings for each family member that we always open first thing on Christmas morning. They're mostly full of candy and small gifts - mostly inexpensive items you can get at Wal-Mart or Target! I love gifting stockings especially for people I'm having a hard time shopping for. To keep it budget friendly, I like to find smaller-sized stockings so that way I'm filling it with a few thoughtful gifts instead of a bunch of little things that add up. If you can't find a stocking small enough, just find a small gift bag from Homegoods or Hobby Lobby for a couple bucks and fill them with a few of your favorite things, and ta da! A perfect gift that's customizable for anyone. 

Today I rounded up a few items I personally love and use that would be great stocking stuffers or gifts. All of these items are under $50 and a lot of them are on sale this week. I've included a few descriptions below and reasons why I think each of these would be great stocking stuffer gifts! 

Faux Pearl & Jewel Earrings: I don't know who wouldn't love a pair of sparkly earrings at Christmas. These are just the right size - not too big so they won't be heavy on your ears - and they'll pair well with almost any outfit, creating instant sophistication. 

Velvet Bow Scrunchie: this is such a chic idea for your friend that's a busy young professional or an on-the-go mom!

Dry Shampoo: I live and breathe this stuff. Can't go a day without it. Would marry it if I could! This is the only dry shampoo that I repurchase year after year. It smells heavenly and is the only dry shampoo that not only adds volume but actually makes my hair feel cleaner!

Purifying Cleanser: I recently tried this cleanser in October after I ran out of my old cleanser and my co-worker let me borrow her sample. This. Is. So. Good. I was so quick to buy myself a full bottle! It gets all my makeup off in one cleanse and doesn't dry out my skin after use. This cleanser uses probiotics to help balance your skin - I already use probiotics in my vitamin regimen so it made sense to try probiotics to help balance my skin too! 

Shemergency Kit: these are a great gifts for the bride-to-be or bridesmaids. They have everything you could need in an emergency on a big day, like a wedding or special event! No need to bring a big suitcase for the "just in case" moments when you have a small and tidy kit that's got you covered. 

Beauty Collagen Drink Packets: for the beauty lover, try gifting collagen peptides in her stocking. I love mixing collagen with my drinks for added protein and also healthier hair and skin! Mix these packets with water to make your drinks taste like strawberry lemonade, and I promise they don't make your drinks super chalky or thick like other protein bases. 

Pansy Earrings: these simple but classy earrings would pair great with any messy bun!

All Nighter Spray: for the makeup and beauty junkie, this makeup setting spray really does what is says it will do! I apply this to my face after my makeup is done and it helps keep my makeup on all day. When I use this, I don't feel like I have to touch up my makeup with powder as much as I normally would. 

Bath Bombs: this adorable bath bomb is almost too pretty to use! This would be a luxe gift for anyone needing some extra "me time" in their busy schedules  - I'm looking at you, new mamas! 

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm: lip balms are essential for dry winter temps. This is my absolute favorite lip balm that I personally ask for each year. Put this on at night before bed and you'll wake up with perfectly moisturized lips.

Mini Eye Shadow Palette: this eye shadow palette is just small enough to fit into a stocking but has all the neutral colors any glam girl would love to receive. 

Bling Brush: this is a cleaning brush for your jewelry to help make your jewels sparkle a little brighter! This tool is designed specifically for diamonds, so if you're newly engaged or married this would be a great time saver. My late grandmother gifted me a diamond right-hand ring that I wear daily, and I have to admit after using the bling brush my ring does sparkle a little brighter! 

I hope this list is helpful to you in your shopping! Have a great day and thanks for reading. 

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