Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Every Sale and Code You Need to Shop For Black Friday


Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving! I'm incredibly thankful for your support and readership. Many of you have followed from the beginning - way back when I was a junior in college and had no idea what I was doing - and I appreciate you following along for so many years! Thank you to everyone who shops from my links and allows this little blog to stay in business for over 5 years! Love you all. 

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday! I hope many of you are enjoying a day off before the thanksgiving holiday, and if you're working at the office like me then cheers to you lady! 

OK so here it is... the Black Friday shopping guide! I wanted to create one easy place for you to shop for all your gifts (and yourself... I mean, obviously!). Instead of making a bunch of image boards with inspiration, I thought widgets might be easier that have direct picture links to where you can browse and purchase. I've split everything up by retailer with mens/womens/kids options! All the promo codes are listed too! I hope this is helpful for those you are trying to get their Christmas shopping done early... I try to knock my shopping out in November buuuuttt sometimes my procrastination gets the best of me! I'm sure you all can relate :)

I'd love to know what you end up getting! Happy Shopping!

BEST PRICES on Electronics from Various Retailers: 


50% off your purchase with code FRIYAY

 These slippers are only $12! No code needed for the slippers. I'm also loving all of their jewelry and accessories for gifts - would be perfect for your mom, sisters or friends!  

Old Navy

50% off your entire purchase. No code needed. This sherpa pullover is soooo cozy! A lot of their sweaters are under $20 too.  


25% off your purchase with code DEALWITHIT


50% off your entire order. No code needed. Their jeans are great quality and included in the sale. Great accessories for gifting too! 


30% off and free shipping with code 3238

50% off your purchase with code TGIF


30% off everything, prices as marked. No code needed 


All Inventory is 25% off EPIC25.


50% off best-selling inventory. No code needed

LL Bean: 

20% off apparel and outerwear with code THANKS20. Includes sale items!


20% off Black Friday Sale with Code BLKFRI

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