Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Tuesday Deals all under $100

Good Morning! There are a lot of good sales this morning that I'm already taking advantage of - Loft had another mark-down of all their regular priced items.  A lot of their items are marked down an extra 40%-50% at checkout (yay!). I personally already own the double breasted blazer that's currently on sale and it's a must for anyone working in a professional setting. It's very comfortable with just a little bit of stretch, but it holds its shape well and looks great with pants, skirts, you name it! 

On another note - if all the political ads didn't give it away, today is finally Election Day! Make sure to get out there and VOTE for whatever cause you feel strongly about. Did you know your employer is required by law to allow you 3 hours to vote? I voted absentee this year so I won't be going to the polls today, but I'm excited to watch the results all day!

Have a great Tuesday and thanks for reading!

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