Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Wednesday Deals

Any one else exhausted from watching election results last night?! It was "too close to call" for our Governor's race until about midnight last night so I stayed up to see who won. Regardless of the outcomes, I love the passion and excitement around election time - seeing so many people vote for people and causes they believe in is inspiring and exciting! 

Ok on to today's deals! I'm noticing a lot of you are favoring cozy sweaters so I put a few more in today's lineup, and there's quite a few that are a great value. I've never seen sweaters from this retailer at such a steal. I love this retailer because their quality is hard to beat and their sweaters make great gifts for the holidays. This sweater is at a great price point, would be a fabulous work staple and comes in 8 different colors.

Also this sweater I just recently purchased and got it in the mail yesterday! The material is so soft.... it feels like butter! Maybe i'll try it on tonight for my Instagram stories. Definitely recommend, and it's only $14.99!  

Alright, on to my second cup of coffee :) Have a great day! 

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