Monday, November 19, 2018

Monday Deals - Work Dresses and Casual Items

Good Morning and happy Monday! How was your weekend? We spend this weekend in northwest Iowa celebrating an early Thanksgiving with Nate's family. It's always fun seeing his family, especially his young nephews and niece! I found out that winning a game of Connect-4 against 7-8 year olds is actually very difficult! I won maybe one game... looks like I need to brush up on my board game skills before Christmas in a few weeks! 

As we're gearing up for Black Friday this week, I'll put together a Black Friday guide that will help maneuver you through Black Friday and Cyber Monday so you can get the best deals. Do you shop in store on Black Friday or do you do most of your shopping online? I plan to have that up on Wednesday, but I'll still do Daily Deals each day to keep you posted on specific items that just went on sale or items that I think are a must-buy!

Have a great day and thanks for reading. 

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